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A few things to know:

  • Make sure to have the "Active" Button checked. That is all the available homes that are on the market. "Active Contingent" is when a home seller has received an offer from a buyer, but the buyer needs to meet certain conditions before the sale can be finalized. These conditions may include a home inspection or getting approval on a mortgage loan. "Pending - Taking Backups" means: they have an accepted offer but backup offers are being accepted. You may choose to add either of these if you wish.
  • When choosing options with multiple selections such as "City", "Sub Property Type" or even "Area Amenities" you can choose more than one. Sometimes this can limit your search or broaden it, depending on what you are choosing. Such as selecting multiple cities gives you more options in homes. On the other hand, if you choose multiple special features, such as "Exterior Amenities" this will limit your search to only homes with those specific needs/wants. To select more than one option in a section, hold the "CTRL" button when clicking on your choices.
  • You do not have to choose a selection in every area! Just the ones that matter to you, such as the location, number of bedrooms, homes with or without a garage or if there is a pool, etc.
  • Once you have made your selections, at the bottom click on the Search button. This will show you what homes meet your specific criteria. Sometimes, you may need to revise and broaden your search and other times you may find you may to to revise and add options that will condense your search if you find you have too many.

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